About Millinery Hub

A new brand built on a legacy


From a backyard business

Millinery Hub emerged from a business that was forged from a passion for millinery. Waltraud Reiner launched Torb & Reiner in 2000, partly to support her students’ need for supplies, and partly to make available a greater range of contemporary millinery materials within the Australian industry. At that stage, millinery, and the materials available reflected a different era in hats and manufacture as a whole. Torb & Reiner was at the cutting edge of millinery in Melbourne and indeed the world. Fusing a love for new and interesting materials with the skill and knowledge from a bygone era has remained a focus ever since. Lindsay Whitehead took the helm in 2016 and Millinery Hub was born as an extension, forging ahead into a new future.

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lindsay whitehead
There with a helping hand

What is Millinery Hub

Millinery Hub provides top quality supplies to milliners and hobbyists alike. With an extensive array of millinery materials and tools, you’re sure to find something to suit. 

Lindsay is a milliner, so you can be sure you are dealing with someone who knows their stuff. He cares about your success and strives to provide the support you need, not just push you out the door with the latest thing. Whether you’re an old hand or you have never made a hat, you can be confident he will look after you. Lindsay backs his products and is always there for advice or just a second opinion.

Our incredible team are here for you

If you contact or visit Millinery Hub you will most often talk to Lindsay. He runs the business and and most of the daily activities are carried out by him. If you want to know something he is always happy to give you some advice. However, millinery is such a varied and evolving form that no one knows everything there is to know. “If an answer goes beyond what I can help with, I have numerous people with a lot of experience to turn to for guidance” – Lindsay

Lindsay Whitehead

Lindsay Whitehead

Owner and Director
"Working all-in with our hands and mind is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying endevours we can undertake."
Waltraud Reiner

Waltraud Reiner

"Hats are the Art of the heArt"