colourful feathers and a chart showing colour wavelengths

Colour – Is Pantone A Saviour Or Pandora’s Box

Colour is one of my favourite things. I love mixing and matching products. I get excited when I put an order together and LOVE the combination of petersham I see on my bench. However, colour in the hat world can be challenging. What Is Colour? Scientifically, colour is another property or attribute like mass, volume, […]

Millinery Hub online sinamay and felt hoods

Millinery Hub Has Gone Online Only

No more shop? Millinery Hub has just been through a huge change. My shop is now exclusively online! This is a big change, but it’s a positive change. Let me tell you how. Yes, The Hub is still based in Oakleigh South, meaning I’m still your favourite local millinery supplier.  Yes, browsing is now online in […]

Going Online – End of an era

Closing The Physical Shop Yes, you read it right; I’ll be closing the doors at Millinery Hub soon. Don’t worry too much. I’ll still be online. The news may come as a shock to you, but it’s no shock that the last few years have been harsh. Added to the stress COVID has brought, going […]

Hat craft

Art or Craft? – Destigmatising craft in making

The word craft often looked upon with disdain in the millinery and broader community. But I think craft is unfairly banished to the realm of pink scissors, felt, and boggle eyes. No wonder when we so often see ‘kids craft projects’ splashed about the media. Many now see craft as what ‘unskilled’ mums sit down […]

Hat blocks

Buying Hat Blocks – The Beginner’s Guide

Hat blocks are a big part of millinery and hat making, but it can be daunting buying hat blocks your first time. Here are some pointers to relieve some of that anxiety. Do I need a hat block? It’s possible to make hats your whole life and not use a block, but it would limit […]

Torb & Reiner Relaunches as Millinery Hub

Torb & Reiner relaunched as Millinery Hub in September 2020. Lindsay is excited to show you the direction he is heading in; birthing something that is his. Has become….. Why Millinery Hub? While a lot of things have not changed in the world of millinery since Waltraud Reiner founded Torb & Reiner in 2001, many […]