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COVID-19 and Millinery Hub

It probably comes as no surprise that the pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. 

We have been in various stages of lockdown/closure since it began. If you aren’t able or don’t wish to come in to our physical store for whatever reason, we post orders daily Monday to Friday, and offer a click and collect service. 

For ‘click and collect‘ on our website, simply select ‘local pick up‘ at checkout. There is no charge for this. When your order is ready, we will notify you (usually same day). 

With borders shut, flights and workforces reduced and the general upset going on the world, the post may take considerable time to be delivered. Domestic parcles seem to speed up and slow down so somethimes you’re lucky and get your parcel overnight as usual, while other times it takes longer. We get most orders out the day they are received, but unfortunately, we have no control over how long it takes from there. Overseas parcels can be very slow as international flights are rare. Your parcel may sit in an airport for some time waiting for a flight. Wherever you are, courier services tend to offer a much faster delivery service. If you need your order quickly, please discuss it with us before placing the order so we can arrange it. Please be aware that these services will cost significantly more in most cases.

ALWAYS CHOOSE EXPRESS POST for the fastest postage time. You may think that express post has little value with the delays, but the delays are merely magnified for parcle post. If you need it for a projsect, choose express no matter if you’re in Melbourne or Darwin. It will nearly always be quicker. 

As with everything, if you have concerns please contact us. We are happy to help where we can.