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In-Hub Workshops

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Learn the art of hat-making and discover the best millinery techniques available direct from an expert milliner. In person!

Millinery Hub's Face-to-Face Classes

Learn millinery face-to-face in a small group with Millinery Hub. We’ll cover essential hat-making techniques, look at creative inspiration and learn about a variety of other art and craft millinery skills that can transform your hat designs. If you’re looking for quality, relaxed millinery classes that promise millinery students the chance to develop their hat-making skills and millinery techniques, our in-hub millinery classes are guaranteed to have an impact.

Why Learn Millinery In-store?

In-Hub Millinery Classes

Learning face-to-face is the fastest way to learn new skills. You receive instant feedback and guidance without the need for wrangling technology, having your internet drop out or deal with fuzzy images. Physical access to your tutor with only a few classmates is second only to private tutoring. Even so, small group millinery classes give you the advantage of learning from the mistakes, questions and creativity of your classmates. You don’t get that one-on-one. We encourage you to interact and learn from your fellow hat-making students. 

Of course, because these millinery courses run here at Millinery Hub, you’ll have all the materials you may need at your fingertips. Of course, you can bring items you already have or shop ahead of time, but sometimes you aren’t sure what you may want until your part way through a piece. The millinery materials you’ll need for the course are outlined on the course’s page description, which you can review at the time of booking. If students have questions about the millinery supplies they’ll need, they can contact us for all the details. Alternatively, you can come in a little early and we’ll help get what you’re after.

Can’t make it to the Hub? We also offer online learning with video lessons. Learn millinery from the very best at home.

Meet Your Millinery Course Tutor

I’m Lindsey Whitehead, owner and Director of Millinery Hub. I’ve been in the millinery business for many years. My journey into professional millinery began in 2007 when I studied pattern making and sewing at Wagga TAFE. I attended my first millinery course as part of my studies, which means I know exactly what it’s like for millinery students out there trying to get started or improve their training. From my very first millinery course, I was in love with hats, millinery techniques and hat design. My passion for millinery took me to the theatre, where I soon started winning awards for my costumes. I entered the millinery business as a supplier and retailer after my move to Melbourne, and I’ve been sharing my trade secrets ever since. I’m excited to connect with millinery students looking to learn new millinery techniques, and can’t wait to see you on my next millinery course.

If you’re expecting a formal classroom with someone up the front droning on then you’re way off. I take a much more laid back approach to teaching and encourage students to learn, not just follow a set of instructions by rote. The more you push your creative boundaries, the more you will learn. While I’m there to guide and answer questions is the best time to do it.