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About Our Millinery Flowers

Beautiful millinery flowers provide the ultimate finishing touches to your unique hat designs. Here on the Millinery Hub — your leading millinery supplier in Australia — you can find stunning millinery flowers to suit all hat designs and occasions.

Add a flourish to your design or connect all the pieces through a vibrant focal point with millinery flowers. From subtle accessories to stars of the show, millinery flowers have the potential to turn your hat design into the talking point of the day. Our range of millinery flowers are mostly vintage and includes roses, magnolia, orchids and more, promising the perfect finish for your millinery project.

Using our millinery dyes, you can also bring new life to our millinery flower range, transforming them into any colour pattern you desire. If you have questions about our millinery flowers or would like some advice on how best to use them in your design, then get in touch with our millinery experts today.