Australian singer's mask
Singer’s Mask – Made in Australia for singers
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Singer’s Mask – Made in Australia for singers

$35.00 each


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The Australian singer’s mask is roomy and sits away from the mouth and nose. It allows singers to open their mouth without obstruction while maintaining excellent and comfortable contact with the face. Two layers of cotton and one non-woven interfacing mean droplets are suppressed. They are fitted with comfortable, soft, knitted elastic and can be worn for hours without pain or discomfort. There is also a model for bearded singers that allows for the extra space required.
If you are a singer, whether in a choir or solo and have tried singing in a regular face mask, you will know the pitfalls. Draw in a quick breath, and you inhale half your mask; open your mouth, and your mask comes off your chin or nose. Many choirs have started rehearsing again, but following the health guidelines and wearing a mask can make it uncomfortable. Singer’s masks combine the safety of wearing a mask with the space to sing unencumbered.


  • Two layers of cotton and one non-woven layer

  • Washable

  • Falt nose bridge wire for comfortable adjustment around the nose

  • Comfortable elastic loops

  • Long elastic loops allowing the user to adjust it for their size

  • Not too big as to look ridiculous

  • Model for people with beards available

  • Custom fabric available


Got a beard?

People with beards often find wearing a mask an ordeal. Any regular mask can’t encompass long beards, and neither does the singer’s mask try. But the model for bearded singers allows more space for the beard to hang down as it usually does. If you have a short beard, you will most likely find the regular mask is sufficient. Wearing the mask for beards will most likely result in an ill-fitting lower mask.

Singer’s Masks – Stopping the Spread

Masks are important in helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 via droplets.  As singers, we produce a lot of droplets. To make things worse, we are often singing close to one another. Many people feel safer in a mask and want to wear one to choir practice even when it is not mandatory. Our choir director loves our Australian singer’s masks, and after five minutes of a trial, they were approved for production. Since then, our whole choir rehearses wearing them.
They aren’t just for singers. Many teachers and others that have to talk a lot for work are sick of the same things as singers are. Singer’s masks can be worn comfortably for extended periods and washed in the machine for reuse.

Custom order your singer’s masks

Want a more unique mask? Have a choir uniform you want to match? Have your own fabric or a patch to add? As each mask is made by hand, we can accommodate most requests, please get in touch. If you have a choir or group that wish to do a bulk order, please contact us for options and discount pricing. 


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