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Blocking springs are one of the best time-saving tools for blocking I know of. Made of stainless steel for longevity and rust prevention, they tightly hug the material on your block reducing the number of pins you need (if you need any) while allowing you to pull the hood or fabric down. You can use them with most materials including straw, felt and blocking fabrics. Unlike the usually red blocking springs on the market, these cater for all your block sizes without having to change tools. 
They come in two sizes; crown and brim.

The crown size is around 21″ (53cm) and will stretch up to most common millinery blocks. I have blocked a 26″ (66cm) crown using these springs. If you are constantly using larger blocks (for instance, men’s hats), I can make you a slightly larger one to reduce wear on the regular-sized spring. 

The brim size is made to be used on brim blocks. However, you will find they work best if your block has a cord grove. They may not work on blocks without. As supplied, the spring is 15″ in diameter and is suitable for blocking 17″ (43cm) and larger. For smaller brims, there is a section you can remove. The spring should be smaller than your block so the tension is enough to hold your material on the block. 

The following videos will show you more about the springs. 

Blocking Springs Explained
Adjusting the Size of your Brim Blocking Spring

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