Capeline Fur Felt 180g Plain Stiffened


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Crown height: 16cm 
Brim width: 11.5cm
Brim diameter: 40-42cm
Weight: 180g
Stiffening: 0.75% in the crown and 4% in the brim

Heavy dress weight, 100% rabbit fur felt capelines with a plain or smooth finish. A lighter option to the western weight capelines. These capelines are pre-stiffened meaning you can block and dry them, and generally no further stiffening is required. I feel they are much more comfortable to wear this way, but if you wish for a stiffer finish, you can certainly add more yourself

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Ash Grey, bottle, Burnished Copper, cardinal, Chocolate, coral, French Blue, Old Rose, peach, plum, Royal Blue, slate-blue, Wine


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