Capeline Fur Felt 230g Plain Stiffened


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Crown height: 15cm
Brim width: 11-12cm
Brim diameter: 43-45cm
Weight: 230g (approximate)
Stiffening: Stiff

Western weight, 100% rabbit fur felt capelines (hat bodies) with a plain or smooth finish. These capelines are pre-stiffened, meaning you can block and dry them; generally, no further stiffening is required. These are quite stiff. Stiffer than my stock up until this time.

I do not recommend this product to beginners. You will most likely end up frustrated.


These hat bodies are from a new supplier and have some issues, hence, they are a lower price. The crown is quite large (around 62cm) as opposed to my regular ones, around 59cm. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but it will mean they are harder to block. You must make sure you use a lot of steam or even hot water when blocking.

If you’re unfamiliar with this technique, it involves dunking the entire capeline in very hot (freshly boiled) water. It should get soaked through quickly and become quite soft. When this happens, take it out of the water. Be extremely cautious when wringing the excess out, using rubber gloves and wringing it out as soon as you can handle it. Block it straight away while it’s hot and steamy. You can use extra steam while blocking it, too. Some people do a similar thing by wetting the felt and putting it in the microwave. You can do this to warm the felt up again while blocking if it cools down before you have stretched it over your block enough. Keep in mind that more drying time will be needed, perhaps even artificial drying (in front of a heater, etc.).

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