Capeline Panama Medium (old stock)

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Crown height: ~10.5 -13cm
Brim Width: 11-13cm

?Panamas are made from tequila straw (fibre from the tequila palm). They are hand woven in Equador.

Most of these Panama capelines have been dyed in Melbourne. The colours are a little confusing, and probably hard to see what’s going on by looking at the photos, so let me explain. The dark colours have been dyed black but haven’t turned out black, black dye is always made up of other colours that, when fully dyed, give you a black finish. If you’ve ever tried to dye black, you sometimes get not quite black shades of green, blue, purple, or red; this is what we have here. The dark brown is close to black, but I can’t sell them as black. The graduated variety starts as black/blue at the tip to through brown/purple into a paler brown at the brim edge. Very interesting and gives a great steampunk-type look, as does our next colour, rustic. These remind me of an old oilskin; they are brown and have a lighter fleck through them, especially toward the brim edge. Then, dark olive is where the black dye has a green base and is quite dark. If you aren’t sure, please check before you purchase them. I have gone to lengths to make sure the photos are representative, but they turn out different on different monitors anyway. 

‘Old stock’ just means they were purchased many years ago before the price increased significantly. Hence, they are less than the other Panamas which were just purchased. There is nothing wrong with them. They will perform just as well as the new stock.

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Bleached, Dark Brown, dark-olive, graduated, Natural, rustic