pack of 16 cedar balls
Cedar Moth Balls – Pack of 16

Cedar Moth Balls – Pack of 16


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Cedar moth balls are a natural alternative to regular mothballs (naphthalene) which are toxic. Traditional mothballs made of naphthalene, are an insecticide which gives off a gas heavier than air. When kept in a sealed container, it will fill and will fill it and kill any insects etc. present. However, it smells bad and is also toxic to humans, pets and other animals. Cedar moth balls give off the natural aroma of cedar oil which is said to repel moths and other bugs. They smell quite fresh and are a pleasure to have in your storage spaces. 

I use cedar oil in the shop near all my feathers and felt products. They have a limited working life and must be replaced regularly. Try popping a few of these in with stored feathers or felt. There is nothing worse than going to get your feathers out only to find they have been eaten. 

Pack of 16 balls.


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