Beginners Couture Beading
Couture Beading & Embellishment Beginners Course
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Couture Beading & Embellishment Beginners Course

$484.00 each

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Venue: Millinery Hub
1287 North Road
HUNTINGDALE 3166 Victoria

Both days approximately 10 am – 4.30 pm

All materials are included.
This includes couture beading thread, silk organza, beads, sequins, ribbons, bugle beads, seed & cut beads.

Book on Charlotte’s workshop page to save (you don’t have to pay the GST if you book through there)

This is a unique opportunity to learn Couture beading & embellishment with British Couture dress designer Charlotte Appleby in Melbourne!
This 2-day course gives an in-depth approach to tambour beading and couture embellishments practised in the Couture houses of Paris today. It will cover the tambour beading technique using silk organza, seed beads and bugle beads to cover the basic chain stitch and a vermicelli design. The 2nd day will cover couture embellishments including ribbon work, 3d beadwork & flowers.
** In addition to the weekend, you will also receive FREE follow up online zoom sessions throughout the year. Be part of the Couture Bead Masters Community.

Day 1
Understand specialist supplies required for couture beading such as the variety of beads and sequins and the way ‘fil a gant’ thread is made in France.
Learn how to create a solid framework ready for beading using silk organza on a rotating frame.
The main focus is on the basic chain stitch using a tambour hook correctly set up for silk organza. Learn how to secure a starting and finishing knot and change direction.
Seed beads, cut beads and bugle beads are used to start tambour beading with a variety of threads.
Day 2
Further develop the tambour beading technique by working with flat and cup sequins before creating the vermicelli pattern using the Ari technique.
Further techniques are combined to the couture beading with a beading needle to create contemporary beadwork including ribbon work, 3d beadwork and flowers.
These are all applied to a mini sample at the end of the day.
Please remember although you will be learning in a mixed technique group, your class is tailored specifically to your progress.

Please bring a basic sewing kit and a 4” G-clamp (like this—4-inch/285524.html)

Tambour hook, needle and frame can be hired or purchased on the day, hire charge $25 purchase charge $65. If purchased you will take it away after class.

Extra specialist supplies can be purchased at 20% off over this weekend.


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10-11th Apr, 14-15th Jun


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