Crystoform Flowers
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Crystoform Flowers

$72.80 each

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Crystoform Flowers – Workshop – 2hrs
Crystoform is a crystal clear thermoplastic that produces a result like nothing else. With very little equipment and time you can make, shining, vibrant and multicoloured trims. This workshop will be centred around the fundamentals of crystoform whilst making flowers. The versatility of this modern material is welcome in both classic and contemporary design and will soon become an asset in your millinery repertoire.
What will we teach?
What is Crystoform?
Designing and cutting shapes
Shaping with tools
Construction of flowers
Level: Beginner – you won’t need any millinery experience.
Tutor: Lindsay Whitehead
What to bring:
Crystoform sheet (~40x60cm)
Crystoform Tools
Awl (one with a tapered shaft. The ones we sell are ideal)
Scissors (not your best scissors, sturdy)
Wire (paper or thread covered, 19g millinery wire is ok)
Heat gun (small craft style is easier to use, but a large one will work)
Sand Bag
Old Chopping board or piece of scrap wood (will have awl punctures in it after the workshop)
Optional, but useful:
Florist tape
Large beads or metal findings for the center of flowers

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9th Dec


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