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The Domestic Pantry Moth Trap combines a powerful pheromone attractant with convenient lure-in-glue technology to create an economical, effective, easy-to-use pantry moth trapping system that will alert you to moth infestations in a wide range of dry foods.

The Pantry Moth Trap infuses a powerful biological pheromone into a non-drying glue to attract and trap pantry moths.

Each box contains two easy to use traps.

• Dectcts and traps Pantry moth infestations
• Cost effective and easy to use – perfect for domestic use
• Catches all common species of pantry moths
• Highly effective monitoring system
• Eco-Friendly, Non-toxic and pesticide free

How do moth traps work?
These moth traps use pheromones (chemical signals released by female moths) to attract male moths to the trap. Moths lured in are caught on the sticky inside of the trap and die. Killing the males interrupts the breeding cycle.
What sort of moths do your traps catch?
These traps will attract males of various problem pantry moths, including the most common Indian meal moths, seed moths, raisin moths, almond moths and tobacco moths.
How long do EnviroSafe Clothes Moth traps last?
Although the sticky part works for a long time, the pheromone will attract clothes moths for three months once the foil packet is open. You can record when you set the trap on the outside. I like to put a reminder on my phone so I don’t forget. It’s also an excellent frequency to check your storage and traps for signs of infestation.
Where should I place the trap?
Place your pantry moth traps in your pantry or any dry food storage areas close to where most of the dry food is stored.

More information on pantry moths, their prevention and eradication can be found in this blog.


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