Feathers – The next Level
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Feathers – The next Level

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Feathers – The Next Level – Workshop – 2hrs
Have you used feathers on your hat before but you couldn’t get them to look the way you wanted? Maybe you’ve seen a feather seeming to defy gravity on a piece and wished you could do the same. Well, this workshop is for you. Beyond the basics, we will be looking at using feathers for dramatic effect.
What will we teach?
Shaping feathers
Advanced mounting techniques
Covering shapes with feathers
Feather mounts
We will work toward a small piece in this workshop
Level: Intermediate – Previous experience with feathers or an introductory feather class is required. You should know how to strip, cut and generally use a feather.
Tutor: Lindsay Whitehead
What to bring:
Many of the feathers and supplies will be used on the same piece, so please make sure your feathers look good together.
6 Turkey Broads (Wing feathers)
Pk 100 goose nagoire (you may wish to have more than one colour that coordinate)
Assorted other feathers if you want to include them in a feather mount. For example:
          Coque tails
          Peacock or ostrich herl (burnt or natural)
Also, you will need a pair of sharp scissors. A pair with a sharp point is beneficial.
Millinery wire (any gauge) a few scraps is all that is necessary
Quick-drying glue like 450 or UHU All Purpose
Needles (different sizes)
An awl
A small finished hat base in felt, Fosshape, buckram or similar (to cover with feathers)
Optional equipment:
Hair curling or straightening iron
Coloured markers
Superglue (Locktight Gell type)
A cutting mat and rotary cutter
Design Master spray paint in one or more coordinating colours to your feathers.

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11th Nov, 21st Nov


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