Feathers – What You Need to Know
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Feathers – What You Need to Know

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Feathers – What You Need to Know – Workshop – 2hrs
Feathers are many and varied as the birds they are from and the hats they are added to. However, they all have similarities, and many techniques can be use don any feather. Learn about some common feathers used in millinery and how to manipulate them for use in your millinery.
What will we teach?
Types of feathers and their anatomy
What feathers you can use
How to manipulate feathers
Mounting techniques
Level: all levels, no previous experience required
Tutor: Lindsay Whitehead
What to bring:
A selection of feathers. The larger the variety, the more chance you will get to practice. If you someone who likes a list, get the following feathers:
Turkey Broads (Wing feathers)
Goose nagoire
Goose biots
Ostrich (any size)
Coque (rooster) tail
Also, you will need a pair of scissors, sharp is good. A pair with a sharp point is also good
Millinery wire (any gauge) a few scraps is all that is necessary
Quick-drying glue like 450 or UHU All Purpose
Needles (different sizes)
An awl
As crap of felt or a hat base (to sew some feathers to)
Optional equipment:
Hair curling or straightening iron
Coloured markers
Superglue (Locktight Gell type)
A cutting mat and rotary cutter

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