Great Wrap Compostable Cling Wrap


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  • 31cm x 30m x 10um – roll of compostable plastic wrap.
  • Composts and breaks down within 180 days!
  • Australian made + Australian owned
  • Made from organic matter
  • Food safe

Throw into your compost bin once used

We recommend you always use wrap on your blocks to protect your hats and blocks. Before now, this has caused me a lot of worry because the only thing I hate more than plastic is single-use plastic. Now I can both protect my millinery and the environment at the same time.

Great Wrap is made from food waste which would otherwise end up in landfill. Instead, it is converted into the main raw ingredient for this wrap. Apart from less waste, this means a lot less methane in the atmosphere (methane is worse than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas).

Our wrap takes less than 180 days to break down into carbon and water in your compost pile. So you can feel safe and happy to throw your plastic wrap in with your kitchen scraps to go hopefully to your compost to nourish your plants. Otherwise, you can still throw it out in the garbage after a single use and know it will not add to the global plastic problem worldwide.

Compostable, not biodegradable – What’s the difference?

What other millinery materials can you compost?
Fortunately, many millinery materials are made from natural fibres including many made from plants. Technically any organic (meaning was once living, not certified organic) material can be composted. Materials that are tough like sinamay will take a bit longer to break down than your kitchen scraps, but that’s not a bad thing, and you can still add it to the garden before all the fibres are gone. Even felt can be composted, though it does a lot better in a commercial compost situation where the composting temperature is much higher. I wouldn’t put material in that was stiffened with ‘chemical’ stiffener, because this is a plastic, but powder stiffener is a natural material and will completely break down. If you have a compost bin at home, why not give it a go? 

Last year I put some old straw hats that had got wet and mouldy on my garden as mulch. They did a great job at stopping weeds and are now broken down into my soil. 


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