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20g Jars
Landscape Dyes, like Jacquard Acid Dye, are acid dyes (work in a weak acid solution). We use them to dye protein fibres like silk, feathers, wool etc.
Landscape dyes are Australian Made, which makes them an excellent product for Australian milliners. When you buy Landscape dye from Millinery Hub, you support two Australian businesses and pay less. Jacquard is an American company.
Into the bargain, they are incredible dyes. Moreover, they are quite colourfast, meaning less fading in the sun or washing machine.
Like Jacquard acid dye, Landscape dyes are mixable (in liquid form – never mix dye powder). For this reason, I stock all the primary colours (Galah, Sulphur Yellow, Opal and Currawong). However, if you’re not confident mixing your colours, you can choose from the 36 colours we stock for a more certain result.
Dissolve the dye powder in hot water and add some vinegar or citric acid (the amount is not critical. It’s to make the water acidic). Once you are sure the powder is dissolved. You can add your material.
Please look at my article if you want more information on using dye in your millinery (or another project).

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Azalea, Bordeaux, Burnt Umber, Chamomile, Clematis, coral, Currawong, Cyclamin, Cypress, Deseret Pea, Dingo, Fern, Fuchsia, Galah, Heath, Iris, Kangaroo Paw, Kelp, Lichen, Magnolia, Mallee, Mango, Marine, Mountain Blue, Night, Opal, Pilbara, Quarry, Red Ochre, Shell, Sherbet, Sulphur Yellow, Sun Orchid, Tangerine, Wallaby, Waratah, Wheat


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