Fancy Leather
Fancy Leather Hides
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Fancy Leather Hides

$15.95$28.58 /piece


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How to buy our Leather

Similar to our garment weight Nappa leather Fancy leather is sold in hides or part hides. Unlike woven fabrics that have a specified width, each leather hide is unique in shape and size. Due to the nature of leather and the tanning process, sometimes pieces have a hole or other marks. Most of the fancy leather is around 1mm thick, but only some are suitable for blocking. Metallics tend to be just like the plain Nappa leather and is great for blocking or flowers. Some have a patent or other hard to manipulate coating. If you need your leather to do a specific job and you aren’t sure, please ask. We will do our best to accommodate you and tell you what to add to your order. We sell our pieces in three sizes:
Sml — 2-3 square foot
Med — 3-4 square foot
Lg — 4-5 square foot

How is leather measured?

Tanners measure a hide’s area with computerised machinery. In our shop, we draw an imaginary rectangle to average out the hide. i.e. some of the fringes lie outside the rectangle, and some gaps appear inside the rectangle. The length multiplied by the width gives you the area. Your garment weight Nappa leather piece will have fringes, so you need to think about what you are doing with it and what size you need. Trims, flowers, or small parts can utilise on the whole hide, but a beret or garment piece produces more ‘waste’.

We buy hides between 5 and 15 square feet. We sell the small ones ‘as is’, but we cut larger ones to suit most of our customers. The resulting half or quarter pieces fit into one of the above sizes. Again, if you need other sizes, please call.
A pattern or teacher may ask you to get an amount of leather for a workshop or project. If your list has an amount in square metres, you’ll have to convert it. To convert from square metres to square feet, multiply by 10.76. From square feet to square metres, divide by 10.76.

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Dark Chocolate, Forest Green, Navy, Rose Gold


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