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Brass millinery blocking pin pusher with a rosewood handle. 17cm long and sturdy construction built to last.

If you are unable to apply steel blocking pins by hand, a pin pusher will help. Sometimes a block is made from hard wood, and putting a blocking pin into it can be near impossible. Or maybe you don’t have enough strength in your hands to push them in any block. Whatever the reason, they are a good tool to have in your collection.

I don’t use mine all that often because it means I have to take my hand of the material I’m blocking to pick up pins, but when I need to use it, I’m very thankful it’s there. Use is simple; all you have to do is put a pin into the metal part so the point is facing out, put the metal part against the work where you want the pin, then push on the handle. Simple. But watch out you don’t push the pins in too far. It’s so easy sometimes you go in further than you would like to. If you find you do this a lot, you can mark the tool (with a marker) where to stop.

To see the millinery blocking pin pusher in action you can watch my video on blocking pins.