Sinamay A Grade (23/23 Weave)

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A grade sinamay is a fine straw cloth made from abaca fibre. A grade sinamay is not inherently better than the B grade. A grade sinamay is 23/23 DPI, meaning there are 23 abaca threads per inch of fabric in both directions. Yes, it looks better because it’s finer. But it’s not for every project. e.g. It’s harder to block because of the denser weave. 

This is the best I sell if you’re after an incredibly beautiful sinamay for a big brim or a tip and side band style. If you’re after a balance between fineness and ease of blocking, go for the B grade, my best-selling sinamay. You will find a much wider range of colours available off the shelf. However, if you want A grade sinamay in an unavailable colour, why not ask me to dye it? 

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Black, Carnival Red, Ivory, Natural, Navy, White


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