Cone Fur Felt Vintage Salome (grade 1)

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Length over the top: ~53cm
Weight: 85g

These are vintage fur felt hoods with an unusual finish. A combination of fibres results in differing lengths of the finished pile. The softer and less glossy rabbit fur is contrasted against the longer and shinier hairs (often mohair). Perfect for classic winter cloches, berets and caps. These hoods are vintage and have been stored with other hoods which have experienced damage from pests (moths). These hoods have no damage or minor damage on the edge of the hood. Although there is no sign of current infestation and hoods have been cleaned, it is advised that if you are worried you should put your hood in the freezer (in a bag) for a week. Alternatively, if you intend to use it straight away, thorough steaming can also kill any eggs which may be present. 

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Blue, Bordeaux, Bright Burgundy, Emerald, French Navy, Gold, Grape, Grey, Mint, Navy, Purple


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