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Two-ply cord, ribbon, grosgrain, hatband, or any other name, is a padded (corded) grosgrain-looking ribbon. It’s actually a tube or two tubes woven parallel to one another, so cord is probably the best name for it. Sometimes they have 3 tubes in the same fashion (called 3-ply), but I only stock 2-ply at this time.

It’s used as a very simple hat band on mainly Western-style hats. Of course, you could use it as you wish. Being tubular, it lends itself to a wire being threaded through it.

This ribbon is 10mm wide and woven from polyester. It’s quite stiff, and won’t flop aropund like a 10mm petersham or grosgrain due to it’s padded nature.

I have started off with 4 popular colours, but a myriad are possible. If you can’t do without a particular colour, let me know and I may get it in. Though, please know I have to order in bulk, so I won’t be getting everything.

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Black, Brown, Camel, Grey


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