Wire Cotton Covered 16gauge

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Thickness: 16 gauge or 1.25mm (wire thickness, covering adds more)
Length: Available in 5m or 27m rolls

16g wire is heavier than you need in everyday millinery. We use it for making structures like headbands (bandeau) where 19g wire is not strong enough. Covered millinery wire is helpful because when we sew it to an edge, it stays in place rather than move around. Cotton covered wire doesn’t have an exceptionally professional-looking finish, so it is usually covered with something else when making a hat. Tulle, braid, ribbon or similar are frequently used for this purpose. Rayon covered wire, on the other hand, is a lot more presentable and can also be coloured with markers to blend in more with hair or a headpiece


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Black, White


27m, 5m


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