Wire Stainless Steel Sprung 5m

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Thickness: 16 or 19 gauge  –  0.9 or 1.25mm
Length: Available in 5m rolls or contact for greater lengths

Stainless steel sprung wire is very strong and useful for making very round shapes. For flat round brim edges, like that of a boater, this wire is ideal. It is not like regular millinery wire that can be bent into shapes and manipulated around curves. Sprung wire is hard to bend, once bent it is virtually impossible to straighten. As it is not covered, it is harder to join. We generally use wire joiners or ferrules for this task. For a regular brim, I use 16g wire, but for lighter projects, you may prefer 19g. 

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0.9mm 20g, 1.25mm 18g


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