Worblas Kobracast Art 75 x 50 cm
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Worblas Kobracast Art 75 x 50 cm

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Worblas Kobracast Art is a thin thermoplastic. Unline many others it has a stretchy mesh structure on the inside (similar to blocking net). Of all the thermoplastics, it is the easiest to mould into intricate shapes without any fear of it pulling apart. Of course, being so thin, it won’t hold much up as a foundation if it is also stretched a lot. Where you want to do this (like as a leather foundation), you may need to layer it. However, the thin nature of Kobracast means you can use it to sandwich layers together with a non-bulky result. For example, in a bow, hat brim, or collar. Like other Worbla thermoplastics, it is adhesive or sticky on both sides when heated meaning it can adhere to many surfaces like fabric, wood, and leather. 

Kobracast comes in sheets. The largest sheet available is 150 x 100 cm. It also comes in half that size (100 x 75 cm) and one quarter that size (75 x 50 cm). Ordering more quantity is how you get a larger sheet. Larger sheets are more cost-effective.

Full sheet 150 x 100 cm Order 4
Half sheet 100 x 75 cm Order 2
Quarter sheet 75 x 50 cm Order 1

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