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You’ve already been on this list

If you’ve been sent to this page it means you were already subscribed to my email list.

But why am I not getting emails?

There could be a few reasons:

  1. You haven’t opened an email I’ve sent for a while.
  2. My emails have gone to your spam or junk folder.
  3. My emails have gone to your ‘promotions’ or similar tab in your email.

It’s not because I don’t like you, haha.

What can I do about it?

Unfortunately, I can’t easily add you back on because of all the recent privacy laws etc. The best possible thing you can do is open an email I sent you. If you do you’ll automatically be moved to the ‘active subscribers’ list and you’re back in business.

To do that, go to your email and search for “”. You should be able to find a past newsletter that’s unopened. Then open it.

I’m really having trouble

If you really can’t figure it out call me on 03 8510 3181 or email and we can sort it out, I hope 🙂