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Besides quality millinery supplies, Millinery Hub offers services for both milliners and hat wearers like hat repair, alterations, restoration, baseball cap alterations and repair, custom dyeing, custom colouration, and more…

Note – We have currently suspended our hat repair and alteration services. Please come back another time or find an alternative.

Hat Repair

Hat Alteration and Restoration

Baseball Cap Alterations and Repair

Custom Dyeing

Custom Colouration

and more…

Hat Repair and Alterations

Have you loved your hat to pieces?

Bought a gorgeous hat that doesn’t quite fit?

Has you hat been rained on, sat on, mistreated, or neglected?

Never fear – the milliners at Millinery Hub can perform some minor miracles in hat repair. We have years of experience with all hat and fabric types.

  • Repair split seams
  • Replace hat linings
  • Resize the hat to fit your head
  • Reshape a dented hat
  • Add trims and embellishments
  • Restore damaged trims and embellishments
  • … and more!

We have restored many precious heirlooms that may not be glamourous or of commercial value but may have belonged to a loved one or have sentimental value. If it means something to you, we’ll give you an idea of what we can do to help. The best way of proceeding is for you to bring in your headpiece and show us what you need. Or, if you can’t do that, please email with pictures of the hat. The more we know, the more accurate we can be diagnosing problems and solutions. We’ll give you a quote and a timeframe for the hat repair or alterations.

Baseball Cap Repair and Alteration

It’s worth mentioning this separately because ball caps are wildly different from most other popular hats. We get a lot of queries about resizing or fixing baseball caps. If you are going to buy a cap that isn’t your size because it’s a great price or because it’s rare, be aware that, if we can alter your cap, it may cost more than you paid for it. In general, caps are factory-made to a specific size, and the factory has all the different equipment set up and ready to do a particular job. From sewing a seam with twin needles while adding binding on the underside to riveting a button on top, it involves specialised equipment. In many cases, we can pull your hat apart and put it back together, but the look won’t be quite the same. Most other hat repair or alteration is done by hand.

See the cap making process at New Era and Next Level Garments; you can see the specialised machines they use.

If your baseball cap needs repair, by all means, contact us, but please read below first, so you are informed about what is possible and if it’s worth it to you.

Can you replace my snaps?


I bought a baseball cap, and it’s the wrong size. Can you help?

Yes, but it’s not that simple. In general, if a hat is a little too big or too small, altering it is not a huge undertaking. Indeed with ball caps, we can make these small adjustments without too much trouble for $35-50. But when the cap is two sizes out of size, the problem gets a lot more complicated. Making a baseball cap smaller involves taking it apart and sewing it back together. As you may appreciate, this would take a long time. Adding a binding on the inside is not possible without a machine set up for the task. We don’t have this capability. Making a hat bigger would also involve pulling it apart and ‘letting out’ the seams. The problem is that there is not enough seam there to let out. So we don’t do that alteration at all.

I broke my cap brim, can you repare or replace it?

Yes and no. If your cap has embroidery on the brim or bill, in most cases we can’t help you. Unfortunately, embroidery often goes over seams and makes taking the hat apart impossible while preserving it. Cap bills usually have stitching going through all layers; if your cap has had some wear, the fabric will be lighter underneath and will have large holes. When we replace the board in the brim, we can sew over this again, but you still may notice it. If it’s been taken apart, sewing the bill onto a ball cap is not an easy job. Ther are a lot of layers to sew through, and the stitching must go where it was before, or the hat may not sit right. It’s a job we are reluctant to do and will cost you $150 plus.

Often, it would be easier to make a new brim, but that is next to impossible because you need exactly the same fabric. One black cotton is not the same as the next. Then you have to take into account wear and fade. If your dog chewed your brim, unfortunately, there isn’t a lot we can do.

Contact us now to discuss your hat repair or alteration needs


Dyeing Service

Ask most milliners what they are like at dyeing millinery materials, and you’ll get a resounding “No, I’m not good with dye”. Sometimes it’s because dying is an entirely new concept they don’t have the training in, and sometimes it’s because past attempts have lead to unsatisfactory results. Dyeing is not so complicated it’s out of reach, but to become proficient, one needs to have some practise and make some mistakes. Doing so can be costly, not because dyes are expensive; even though they are in most big box stores, but the materials we work with are. Then, there’s colour theory. Many of us know what we learned as children mixing paint, some even have more training at university, or art classes. Unfortunately, most of these institutions are still teaching outdated colour theory. Did you know that blue, red and yellow are not the primary colours (for mixing paints and dyes)? But look in most art books, and that’s what you’ll see. Learn more on colours and dyeing.
Custom Dyed Fabric
Products colourmatched for a client

For this reason, Millinery Hub offers a dyeing and colouring service. We dye a range of our products as well as products clients bring us. There are a few things you should know that will help you get the result you’re looking for.

  • What is cerulean? Colour names are most inaccurate. One person’s fuchsia in another’s magenta, and yet another’s cerise. All you have to do to see this is google a colour name and look in the image results. If all you’re after is a general colour, by all means, tell us you want a red. But if you are looking to match something you have, we need a sample to work from.
  • A good sample is a good start. Are you trying to match a dress with a hat for a client? If we are going to dye your material, the best thing is if we can see the dress, and better still, if we can keep it while doing the job. Some clients bring in a sample of the dress fabric if it is available. Often this is not possible, so the next best thing is to match a thread to the colour you want. Especially if you are overseas, find a Gutermann thread colour that matches, and we are likely to have it. If not, thread is cheap to send in the mail. Least effective is a photo. Both the camera and the screen it’s shown on can make a significant difference to colour, but we still dye based on an image.
  • Though we have done same-day turnaround on jobs for a valued client, most times we can’t drop everything and dye your hood. Generally, you will need to allow a week for the job. If you need a job done in a hurry, please let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.
Parisisal dyed to match lace
Parisisal capeline dyed to match a cient's peach lace
Mauve dyed materials
Range of materials dyed to specification

To access our dyeing service, contact us or bring your samples into the shop. We like to discuss dyeing on a case by case basis, so it’s not something you can select online. Some material and colour combinations aren’t possible, so we’d prefer you to talk to us first before purchasing materials. We have no minimum quantity for dyeing. It is charged on a per-job basis and is usually around $20 per dye bath.

Custom Colourisation

Design Master sprays are a valuable tool for colouring most materials. However, you may not want to purchase a whole can to spray one job in a colour you rarely use. We have a full range of Design Master spray paints and spray any product you like as long as the paint will work. If we’re not sure, we’ll let you know. Simply choose a colour (or more than one) from our range and let us know what you would like.

Spraying is another skill that takes some practice. Take the worry out of the equation and let us do it for you. Spraying a small item is $5. If you have a larger project we’ll give you a quote. 

Better still, it’s not just for hats. Check out these boots we revamped. Better still it’s colourfast and machine washable (as long as your fabric is).

Sprayed Boots