Torb & Reiner Relaunches as Millinery Hub

Torb & Reiner relaunched as Millinery Hub in September 2020. Lindsay is excited to show you the direction he is heading in; birthing something that is his.

torb & reiner logo

Has become…..

millinery hub logo

Why Millinery Hub?

While a lot of things have not changed in the world of millinery since Waltraud Reiner founded Torb & Reiner in 2001, many things have. As many will know, I (Lindsay Whitehead) took over the business in 2016. Torb & Reiner has served many milliners in Australia and around the world and is a well-known brand offering service second to none. That has not changed. However, as I try to serve more people and offer new things to the changing market, I feel the name needs to reflect the vision of the company. Torb & Reiner will always be a dear name to my heart as it will undoubtedly be for Waltraud, but the time has come to give birth to the next generation. Thus Millinery Hub was born.

No more Torb & Reiner – How will this affect you?

Well, for the most part, nothing will change except when I pick up the phone I’ll say Millinery Hub instead of Torb & Reiner. But along with the name change will come some improvements many of you have been waiting for. We just launched this new website to make it easier for you to interact with us using digital tools you use every day. I want to offer more online learning tools for those that can’t get to our hub or don’t want to be out at the moment.

Some of you will have signed up to various content services on our old website, some of which you will need going forward like videos and tutorials. If you have paid to access video courses, you will still be able to access these. If you have signed up to receive our newsletter, then that will continue without you having to do anything.

I’m excited to start this new part of my journey, and I hope you will be along for the ride. As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch. We aren’t just a millinery supplier. You buying a product is only part of the reason I do this. I’m often on the phone or answering emails with questions about products or techniques. I love teaching people. I love it when you learn something new, and it helps your life.