What is a hood?

A hood is a hatbody (simple hat shape) that milliners or hatters use to make a blocked hat. Hoods come in different shapes and materials.


A cone or sleeve, as the name suggests, is a conical shape with a rounded or flat top rather than a point. They can be different sizes shapes, materials and colours. Contrary to common misconception, the cone shape is not the only shape referred to as a hood. Asking for a hood does not tell the supplier what shape you want (though most will guess you want a cone).



Parisisal cone washed denim
Cone Fur Felt 80g Double-Sided Velour mustard


A capeline is a hood with a brim. Again, they can be different sizes, shapes and materials, but all have a crown and brim like a ‘normal hat’.

Capeline Panama Medium 2x2 Weave
parisisal capeline lime sorbet


A flare is somewhat in between a cone and a capeline. The less common flare is another hood shape. Flares are wider at the bottom (brim edge) and sometimes flare out like the beginning of a brim. It’s an easier cone shape to block a brim from.

Flare Wool Felt Lg